Spec Sem in Mgmt: Managing in Adversity

Subject: Special Seminar Subjects

Description: This course is unique: it teaches Top Management Perspective. It assumes that the student is the CEO of a going concern and is faced with a major adversity — a problem way out of the ordinary and one which takes cool judgment, hard number pushing, immediate decision making, extraordinary public relations, and one where the fate of the company ... and perhaps the CEO ... hinges on the outcome. The methodology used to teach this course is the case method — often maligned, rarely understood. We take a number of cases (all concerning our guest CEO's companies) which show a company facing extreme adversity and which require an immediate attention. Further, the company will almost always have some limited resource — time, money, or talent. The job of the student is to define the problem, outline the viable alternatives, evaluate those alternatives, and then pick and defend the appropriate one.


Course #: 15.966
Professor(s) who recently taught this course:
H. Anderson
P. Kurzina